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Distorted Memories


Distorted Memories is a Melodic Techno music artist who creates ethereal soundscapes that transport the listener to an alternate reality. With a unique blend of electronic and organic sounds, Distorted Memories creates an immersive experience that captivates the audience.

By using a combination of creative synthesis techniques and modern production methods, Distorted Memories transports the listener to an otherworldly space where they can explore their imagination and lose themselves in the music.

Distorted Memories has been signed his tracks with Bullfinch Records, Superordinate Music, Hexagonal Music, Deja Vu Culture & Oxytech Limited.

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My Story

DISTORTED MEMORIES is a DJ/Producer hailing from Hyderabad. He has been DJing since 2016, his unique style of mixing is known to take the crowd on an emotionally melodic journey and rave harder on the dance floor. His enticing song selection is what makes his DJ sets so unique and soulful to the audience. He doesn’t just push knobs when he plays music, he plays with the raw emotions and creates memories for his audience giving them a musical high.


He has signed 8 EP's with Superordinate, Oxytech, Bullfinch Records & More. He is producing more enticing music for his audience and his seventh EP “Tatkaar Dance” is out on Bullfinch & his music has been supported by Hevi Levi, Sanjay Dutta, Priya Sen & Moshic. His tracks have been played on radio shows across the globe.


He aspires to perform across various venues globally with his music taking the crowd higher and higher. He has also performed in various venues across Hyderabad.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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